“The most beautiful experience is to see when the horses get back their joy of life after being healthy from their injuries”

Hi, my name is Anders Hesselgren, founder of HOOF IN MOTION and Equine Orthopedic Systems. I have over 30 years of professional experience as a farrier for several of the world’s foremost stables in Sweden, USA, Italy and Germany.

My life task is to develop solutions that help horses against injuries and give them the opportunity to compete at their highest level. – My research has shown that it is exactly the same formula for reducing injuries as for increasing performance.

The horseshoe project

“Horses that nobody wanted – aged, condemned with serious injuries”

HOOF IN MOTION AB was founded in 2010 by Anders Hesselgren with the aim of developing a completely new innovation of horseshoes and mapping the balance points that affect the horse’s movement patterns. Anders also developed a unique idea on a rehabilitation method which turned out to be a big part of the success story.

The experimental horses were aging, exhausted with a completed career because of serious injuries. They were bought cheaply or donated to the project. With new training and technology on the hooves, everybody made a comeback and ran in almost SEK 3 million with several highly victories.

Our best horse Jasper Lane came with dual suspensory ligaments injuries. After the rehab training, he made his comeback as a 10-year-old and went from “zero” to the world elite in a year. Many believe it has never happened before in world history. Jasper often competed barefoot but he took his biggest wins with our unique horseshoes.

Jasper Lane managed to qualify for the finals in several of Sweden’s biggest races – Olympiatravet as 5th (SEK 1.5 million in first prize), Sweden Cup as 4th (SEK 600,000) and H.K.H. Prince Daniel’s race (SEK 500,000) 2nd in Guldbjörken (SEK 300,000), six V75 finals. Four V75 victories, one of which at Vermo with SEK 200,000 in first prize.

Our projects have been recognized in Sweden’s largest media channels!

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