Business idea

“Studies show that most injuries in joints, tendons and ligaments are linked to the hoof shape and movement pattern”

My research of the horse’s biomechanics has paved the way for a innovative rehabilitation systems which has been proven to work even on horses with serious injuries, many of whom have returned with better racing results than before. – It has become my life passion to research solutions that give horses a healthier life with a longer racing career.

Tendon & suspensory ligament Support

sensor technology

EQUINE ORTHOPEDIC SYSTEMS use the same advanced sensor technology that revolutionize in the sports physiology.

The system use the latest sensor technology which provides detailed analyzes of the lower leg and the ground forces of the hoof.

Advanced algorithms read each individual step in 15 motion values which can be expanded by cross-reading the values ​​to quotient values. All values in symmetry with left and right.

The vision is to correct in detail the deviations in the pattern of movement to reduce injuries and increase performance.

Sample values is “The braking rapid change in velocity to zero in milliseconds”, “shock and impact”, “step length”, “contact time in the surface”, “time in the air”, “the strike (roll over) heel, mid and fore”, “the Pronation excursion and velocity” and more.

The system also adds how the movement pattern is influenced by the varying structures of the surface and how the hoof is balanced with different types of horseshoes.

En viktig del är att lägga fokus på balanspunkterna som direkt påverkar rörelsemönstret, vilka några är att anpassa övertänjningen i genomtrampet i förhållande till längden på kotbenet – Ledriktningen i knä kota och has i förhållande till överrullningen.

A unique measuring tool

Even a small deviations is a major risk for injuries in the musculoskeletal system.

I have developed a first prototype of a unique orthopedic measure instruments which are adjustable in all angles with a revolutionary feature to cast an orthopedic insole that corrects deformities of the angles.

Equine Orthopedic Systems finds small defects that are impossible to perceive with the eye. The repetitive process with even a small injury at each step increases significantly to develop into a serious injury.

Rehab Training method

RunFeeling – is my successful rehab training method that provides a high training effect under the healing time by training in a dynamic tempo adapted individually. The method is connected to a special trim and horseshoes that activates the entire body with an airy and dynamic gait patterns. 

Horseshoe inventions

HOOF IN MOTION was founded with the aim of developing a whole new concept of horseshoes which I have a great success with. The goal is to develop horseshoes that minimize injuries, improve coordination and smooth out muscle imbalance.

The basic idea is that the horse stays healthier by moving on different surfaces. Monotonous surface passivates the body’s balance and coordination system, the complex muscle system does not get the impulses they need. If the horse’s natural movement patterns are adversely affected, it often leads to stress and repetitive strain injuries that ultimately gives lameness.

HOOF Cracks

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