Business concept

Our business concept is to develop the modern horseshoes, equipment and methods that treat and prevent injuries to the musculoskeletal system such as suspensory ligaments, tendon and joint injuries. Through our own innovations, we can also map and correct movement disorders that increase performance and reduce injuries.

We work according to the philosophy that horses stay healthier by moving on varying surfaces, uniform surfaces passivate the body’s balance and coordination system. If the complex muscular system does not get the impulses they need, the movement pattern is therefore negatively affected and often leads to lameness.

innovations in progress

injuries in the musculoskeletal system

We develop a unique concept for treat injuries in the musculoskeletal system. We are pretty sure we are alone in the world with it. The method provides a sustainable and safe result in shorter rehab time without loose the racing shape. We have also proven that the method often results in an increase in performance.

A healthy and elastic suspensory ligamnet is the main key to increased performance and reduced injuries in the musculoskeletal system.

The function of the suspensory ligamnet is to stabilize the vertebra to counteract overstretching, absorb the shock impact and store energy which is then converted into kinetic energy.

Suspensory ligamnet injuries are most often caused by repetitive overstretching or a prolonged period of overexertion. A proper hoof angles and movement patterns are absolutely crucial for faster healing and a lasting result.

We use our own innovations that put the horse in exact balance that prevents overload in joints and suspensory ligamnet. In combination with our gentle training method that provides a very effective muscle training.

Suspensory ligament injury diagnosed up to 80%.

Return visit after 5 weeks of treatment.

It is easy and logical to calculate what enormous strains on joints, tendons and ligaments is exposed to, if the hoof is in the wrong balance, especially when you know that the load is a few tons in each step. It is therefore very important to follow the hooves’ angles according to the direction of the joint and the horse’s innate balance points, which completely control the movement pattern.

A Unique measuring tool

To find the right angles, we use our own innovation that is only available in one copy – A world-unique orthopedic measuring instrument that is adjustable in all angles with a revolutionary function to cast an orthopedic sole that corrects the misalignments.

With the instrument, we find the small misalignments that are impossible to perceive with the eye. Our philosophy is that the repetitive process with a marginal misalignment in the movement pattern causes a small injury in each step. If the micro-injury does not have time to heal between training sessions, the risk of developing into a more serious injury increases significantly.

The balance points

”The mapping of the balance points is based on classical physics and the connection between forces and movements”

”The balance points of the hoof and lower leg affect the whole body to move in a characteristic way”

An very important part of the rehab concept is to focus on the balance points that directly affect the movement pattern, some of which are to adjust overstretching in relation to the length of the vertebral bone, such as the joint direction in the knee vertebrae and has in relation to the rollover and lift.

Our system’s algorithms also make it possible to predict the total force pattern in the upper part (mass 2) of the body by reading the force in the lower part of the leg (mass 1) when it hits the ground.

We use High tech sensors

To find the perfect movement patterns, We use the best sensor system in the market that provide detailed analyzes of the lower leg and the ground forces of the hoof. Advanced algorithms reads each individual step in 15 motion values that can be expanded by cross-reading the values to quota values. – All values are measured in symmetry with left and right.
Examples of values are ”The rapid change in braking speed, the shock impact and the maximum load of the body weight. The stride length, contact time in the ground, the hovering movement, the time in the air, the insertion phase in three steps and how the hoof prone in the air in relation to landing.
The system also adds how the movement pattern is affected by the impact in the surface’s varying structures, how the hoof is balanced with different types of shoes in relation to the hoof angle and rollover.

Innovation under construction

Suspensory ligaments support

Sometimes you get to a point when shoeing and balancing are not enough, then it is almost always about overstretched Suspensory ligaments.

We are currently developing an adjustable support that provides relief for the vertebral support structures such as tendons and suspensory ligaments. The support can be adjusted individually according to the degree of overstretching.

The main function of the support is to mimic a healthy and resilient support structure. The support must also be able to be regulated to provide extra dynamism in the step, which can improve performance.

We develop the modern horseshoe

HOOF IN MOTION was founded in 2010 with the aim of developing a completely new way of thinking about horseshoes.

Through our experiments in competition, we discovered early on that our horseshoe has great potential to revolutionize the horse industry but also that a horse shoe is always completely dependent on the hoof angle. To develop a complete solution, we put the horseshoe to rest to further research the horse’s movement mechanics and develop our measurement methods and balance points that determine the exact hoof angle.

The goal with our horseshoes is to minimize injuries, improve coordination, balance muscle imbalance and improve movement economy in speed and endurance. Our shoe also has properties for a shock absorption that at the same time provides extra leverage without extra muscle power.

HOOF Cracks

We use a very gentle technique that immediately makes the horse unhealthy and can train and compete already after half an hour.

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