A New Way to Detect and Correct Deviations in the Movement Pattern

25 years of research around the horse’s biomechanics has paved the way for many innovations to reduce injuries. Our innovations together with the latest sensor technology, which provides detailed analyzes of the lower leg and the hoof’s ground forces, make us unique in order to optimize and correct all deviations and technical variations in the movement pattern in detail.

Even small deviations in the movement patterns is a major risk for injuries in the musculoskeletal system

We have innovate a first prototype of a unique orthopedic measure instruments which are adjustable in all angles with a revolutionary feature to cast an orthopedic insole that corrects deformities of the angles.

Our measurement methods take full control of the balance points that affect the gait. Important balance points is the fetlock’s support structures, the length of the pastern and cannon bone and the joint directions in the knee, fetlock and the hook.

“We use the same advanced sensor technology that revolutionizes in sports physiology”

The gravitational force makes it logical that our research shows the best horses have the same movement patterns to achieve faster speeds or jump higher. This knowledge has made to find the right balance for 100s of horses that have increased several classes in performance, some ordinary horses has become world stars.

Hyper-sensitive sensors and advanced algorithms locate each individual step in 15 motion moments and variables such as the hoof’s rapid deceleration and speed reduction to zero in milliseconds, the shock and maximum body weight. the step length, contact time in the surface, the hovering movement, the time in the air, the insertion phase in three stages and how the hoof pronation in the air in relation to the landing.

By cross-reading the measurement values ​​to quotient values, it gives all the variables needed to optimize each horse’s individual pattern of movement to perfection in just a few shoeings. The system also adds how the movement pattern is influenced by the attachment in the varying structures of the surface, how the hoof is balanced with different types of horseshoes and soles in relation to the hoof angle and roll over.

Other Innovations

We are close to invent the future horseshoes that absorb shock waves and equalize muscle imbalance. A shoe adapted to the balance points that affect the movement patterns.

BodyFeeling is our very successful low-impact-rehab-method that provides a high training effect under the healing time. The method is connected to horseshoes that activates the entire body with an airy and dynamic movement patterns.

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